About us

Hi friends, I am Tahir Husain, Born on 02/01/1978 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
I did my Bachelor's degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai & also pursuing my Post graduation in Human Rights from New Delhi, India.

I like to help youngster build their career, support any good cause that will bring peace, harmony, and tranquility in society. I am an advocate of humanism, like to be the voice of those who are not heard due to any reason.

I am married and blessed with three kids, possess a very versatile professional background. I am passionate about helping people around me, believe in transforming people's lives and constantly challenge the Status Que of the People

Specifically, my notes here (tahirhusainsnotes) I write anything that is worth sharing, I ensure it is shared here with you all. for example, 
  • If I meet someone extraordinary who is touching people's lives,  
  • If I am reading a book and the content of this book will create an impact in people's life exponentially.  
I also write my perspective on Religion, Politics, Socialism, Injustice, Professional skills in particular with the hope that you enjoy reading it.

If you have any queries or concerns I have provided an option to contact me, kindly provide your details I will be happy to connect.

Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!

Thank you all for Reading.

Tahir Husain