How to conquer your anger?
will you be able to conquer it or it will dispel everyone around you.

unclear thoughts will always lead to a devastating end or give you an undesired outcome.

Muslim education percentage is very low as compared to their population. Muslims were used as a vote bank and as a peace of mercy. 

I believe it was a conscious effort of the ruling party to keep Muslims away from the education so that they can be used as a vote bank and the Result is in front of every one.

I saw my friend from asking a question to us.  Why Muslims were not given such opportunities to improve their education during Congress Raj?

I would like to tell them that if other parties have used Muslims as  a Vote Bank why Not you stand out and really do good for Muslims so that Muslims become a good ally. Muslim respects the True leaders wherever they are. 

History testified that if the oppression and torture level increases, Almighty lord will take revenge from them. It may be in the form of a disease, like a Pandemic or sometimes an act of God is also expected in those areas.

Intelligence is the ability to solve the problem and consciousness is the ability to feel things. 

humans have feelings animals have feelings all the creatures in the world have feelings.

Tech guys have developed artificial intelligence to solve the problems however the artificial consciousness is not yet developed. Then how the problems will be solved it is unlikely.

Revelation according to the Holy Quran is not only universal  But also progressive. and it attains perfection in the final revelation- very meaningful.

Jesus PBUH was a national prophet who came on the earth 600 years prior to Prophet Muhammed PBUH.

the Holy Quran from 1st to last only allowed Muslims to fight because they were attacked first.

waging a war against the unbelievers is completely a myth.

Nepotism, Racism, Discrimination, Injustice, etc are the Root Cause of All Evil. Today you see the universe is unhappy, dissatisfied with their Rulers whether it is India, China, Or the USA. You will find this everywhere.

I see that people have started fighting against such Evil Acts in our society But I still feel Discrimination in raising People's voices against unjust and Cruel Acts.

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