My name is Nazmeen 🙏,

It is the first time I am out like this and asking your help to save my 09 years old daughter " Arshiya Sayed". 

That day was like any other day. Arshiya was playing with her younger brother Hasnain, as both of them ran and jumped around our small house.
But then, all of a sudden Arshiya went completely silent and lay speechless on the floor as she began gasping for breath. When I checked what was wrong with her, I found that her forehead had turned warm and she was sweating.

Not knowing what to do, I immediately called my husband who had been desperately wandering for the past few months in search of a job and we rushed her to the nearest hospital.

But by the time we reached the hospital, Arshiya's condition had gotten even worse. Looking at her fragile and helpless state broke my heart but all I could do at the moment was pray to Allah for her well-being.

“The test results show that your daughter is suffering from aplastic anaemia. It is a deadly blood disorder and is caused due to a failure in the production of blood in the bone marrow. We need to perform a transplant at the earliest if you intend to save Arshiya's life.” 

Dr. AMBREEN  PADAROWALA (MBBS,DNB PAED) from RAI JERBAI WADIA HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN, PAREL, MUMBAI said as he examined the test results, his details on Treatment is pasted below.  After hearing this, I went completely numb. It was like someone had slapped me across the face. When I looked at my husband, I saw the tears streaming down his eyes and finally knew that it was true.

‘My Arshiya is suffering from a deadly blood disorder and is on the verge of dying. But how? Just today, she was laughing and giggling with her younger brother, and now she is fighting for her life.’ I thought to myself as another wave of shock took hold of my entire being when the doctor informed us to come up with Rs 21 lakh ($ 28500.34) for her transplant.

Nazmeen, what should we do now. No one is willing to loan us such a huge amount. I've tried to find a job, but due to this pandemic, even that has become impossible.” My husband said as we tried to count our options at saving our Arshiya's life.

Sadly, it wasn't even his fault that he couldn't find a job. The pandemic has rendered him penniless and crushed like everyone else and has stolen away his sole means of earning.


Before everything started, my husband used to work as an embroiderer and earned a meagre salary of Rs 7,000. Even if he had that salary right now, we simply couldn't have raised the money for our daughter's transplant with this small amount.

Till now, my younger son Hasnain has been matched to be Arshiya's donor but the doctors can't take things any further until we come up with the required amount.

Therefore, broken and defeated, now I turn to you for help. Your generous donations are the only things that can save my daughter's life right now. So please donate for her treatment as much as possible.

My Freinds everywhere, Arshiya Today needs our support, we can fight this deadly disease together with Arshiya by contributing our donation to her so that we can save Arshiya. 

The following LINK is to know more TO Donate & SAVE ARSHIYA.


Ya Khuda, meri bacchi ne kya gunah kiya hai jiski tu use sazaa de raha hai. Mein tujhse bhik maangti hoon, meri bacchi ko shifa ata farma….meri bachhi ko shifa ata farma.

My entire body shuddered as I begged to the Almighty for my daughter's life.

Begging, crying and screaming has now become a daily routine for me as I try to do everything in my power to save my 9-year-old Arshiya's life.

From selling every single valuable we had ever owned to taking multiple high-interest loans, my husband and I have drained all our resources but still, we are unable to save our dying daughter.

Please Donate & Help me SAVE my only Daughter!

Click on this link to see a short video of the family's struggle

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