How to Find Your Dream Job in Dubai - UAE.

Dubai is a Capital City of United Arab Emirates, Its a metropolitan city highly populated But it is a Magnet. It is a land of opportunities, land of fulfilling your dreams whether you want to set up your established company here or you want to find Jobs.  People from all over the world come to Dubai to try their Fortune.  

One needs to be very careful when he comes to Dubai as the cost of living is very high compare to India, There are certain laws if you don't adhere to then the consequence of not following proper guidelines will be very high on your pocket. Therefore I thought to guide you about finding a relevant Job for you in Dubai specially if you are from India.

There are many Factors associated when you want to find your dream Job and living in an unknown country However I will put some light on 03 Major Factors to find a Job in Dubai and  they are as follows:
  1.  Visit/Travel Visa, Air Tickets and Passport Eligibility check.
  2.  Strategic Job Hunting Skills.
  3.  Proper Staying and Food Arrangement in Dubai.
I am sharing my experience here because I thought it will be very useful for people, I have visited my brother here various times for fun and for finding a Job seriously here. we will see each one in detail so that you don't have any confusion in your mind while you plan to find a Job in Dubai.

1 - Visit or Travel visa, Air Tickets & Passport Eligibility check.

In order to travel to any country you need to check your Passport if it is valid or not, what do you mean by a valid passport? It means that your passport must be valid for at least six months otherwise visas will not be processed on your Passport Id so before you apply for a visa and spend money check on the passport if it valid or not.

Visa is nothing but an entry pass to the country without proper visa you will not be able to enter. So my Suggestion to you is this approach few travel agents who provide Visa & Ticketing Assistance. speak to at least two - three travel agents and get the best Price. He will ask you to provide a photocopy of your Passport and few copies of your photos. 

You must apply for 90 days visit/travel visa which you can buy in the range of INR 17000 - 21000 Don't make a mistake of taking a 30 days visa as 30 days are not enough to find a Job in your dream organization. Applying for a visa in UAE is a cumbersome job and Employer prefer candidates who have 90 days of visa.

The Indian Immigration department checks for the Return Air tickets while you board the plane in India. This is for your own good,  go for a Return ticket and ensure that you ask your travel agent to do the OK-TO-BOARD to avoid any difficulties at the Airport. The cost of the Return ticket is  INR 24000 minimums. 

 2 - Strategic Job Hunting Skills.

Here comes the most important part and i.e., Hunting the Jobs for yourself. You have to do couple of things before you leave the country so that you can utilize each day in UAE with value.

A - Register your Profile online :- 

First and foremost you need to register your profile on some of the Job portals for example are as follows:


B - Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile:-

Create a Professional profile on LinkedIn so that recruiters and employers can check your details on LinkedIn. I would say, this is one of the most important task to find the right job in Dubai or anywhere.  I would recommend you see some videos on YouTube on how to design your profile professionally on LinkedIn. 

Once your profile is designed professionally you have search for recruitment consultant on LinkedIn and request them to add you to their list, the reason you do this just inform them that you are there and they can consider your profile as well.   That's not all your search for your dream companies and follow them so that you are updated on their move.  Find HR head of the companies, talent acquisition guys in LinkedIn and share your profile.

I would also suggest advertise your profile on Gulf News and Khaleej Times they charge you a nominal fee and your profile will appear as job hunter in the news paper and this is also a very good option to reach to the employer quickly. 

3 - Proper Staying and Food Arrangement in Dubai.

People want to live in peace in UAE that's why they prefer to live in Sharjah. Sharjah is in the center of UAE and it is well connected to other cities as well specifically Dubai.

In Dubai near the metro station if you want just one room with attached bathroom it will cost you a feast AED 2500 or the bed space will cost you anything between AED 700 - 900  based on the facility they provide.

You also have one option if you are interested then you can go to any Pakistani or Bangladeshi restaurant and ask for monthly food for AED 300-450 but food quality is not that good however it is manageable with the Risk of falling sick.

I have also found people who provide home made food to executives who go for work by monthly cash. Some of these folks have their business wherein they provide all  the above services so that people can focus on job hunting only and the rest of the work is taken care off by them. You will have find them their advertise will be published from time to time. You have keep your eyes open when you are outside the house.

I hope I have covered most of the important aspect there are a lot of options but that can be discussed on case to case basis therefore I leave it open if you have any question just post comment and I will be more than happy to answer you. If any one is looking for all these arrangement to be done I can also connect you to you some nice guys who can help you out it these. 

Alright. That's all from my side. Thank you for reading I hope it will help you guys in your journey of finding the relevant jobs in Dubai.

Stay blessed.

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