My name is Nazmeen 🙏,

It is the first time I am out like this and asking your help to save my 09 years old daughter " Arshiya Sayed". 

That day was like any other day. Arshiya was playing with her younger brother Hasnain, as both of them ran and jumped around our small house.
But then, all of a sudden Arshiya went completely silent and lay speechless on the floor as she began gasping for breath. When I checked what was wrong with her, I found that her forehead had turned warm and she was sweating.

Not knowing what to do, I immediately called my husband who had been desperately wandering for the past few months in search of a job and we rushed her to the nearest hospital.

But by the time we reached the hospital, Arshiya's condition had gotten even worse. Looking at her fragile and helpless state broke my heart but all I could do at the moment was pray to Allah for her well-being.

“The test results show that your daughter is suffering from aplastic anaemia. It is a deadly blood disorder and is caused due to a failure in the production of blood in the bone marrow. We need to perform a transplant at the earliest if you intend to save Arshiya's life.” 

Dr. AMBREEN  PADAROWALA (MBBS,DNB PAED) from RAI JERBAI WADIA HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN, PAREL, MUMBAI said as he examined the test results, his details on Treatment is pasted below.  After hearing this, I went completely numb. It was like someone had slapped me across the face. When I looked at my husband, I saw the tears streaming down his eyes and finally knew that it was true.

‘My Arshiya is suffering from a deadly blood disorder and is on the verge of dying. But how? Just today, she was laughing and giggling with her younger brother, and now she is fighting for her life.’ I thought to myself as another wave of shock took hold of my entire being when the doctor informed us to come up with Rs 21 lakh ($ 28500.34) for her transplant.

Nazmeen, what should we do now. No one is willing to loan us such a huge amount. I've tried to find a job, but due to this pandemic, even that has become impossible.” My husband said as we tried to count our options at saving our Arshiya's life.

Sadly, it wasn't even his fault that he couldn't find a job. The pandemic has rendered him penniless and crushed like everyone else and has stolen away his sole means of earning.


Before everything started, my husband used to work as an embroiderer and earned a meagre salary of Rs 7,000. Even if he had that salary right now, we simply couldn't have raised the money for our daughter's transplant with this small amount.

Till now, my younger son Hasnain has been matched to be Arshiya's donor but the doctors can't take things any further until we come up with the required amount.

Therefore, broken and defeated, now I turn to you for help. Your generous donations are the only things that can save my daughter's life right now. So please donate for her treatment as much as possible.

My Freinds everywhere, Arshiya Today needs our support, we can fight this deadly disease together with Arshiya by contributing our donation to her so that we can save Arshiya. 

The following LINK is to know more TO Donate & SAVE ARSHIYA.


Ya Khuda, meri bacchi ne kya gunah kiya hai jiski tu use sazaa de raha hai. Mein tujhse bhik maangti hoon, meri bacchi ko shifa ata farma….meri bachhi ko shifa ata farma.

My entire body shuddered as I begged to the Almighty for my daughter's life.

Begging, crying and screaming has now become a daily routine for me as I try to do everything in my power to save my 9-year-old Arshiya's life.

From selling every single valuable we had ever owned to taking multiple high-interest loans, my husband and I have drained all our resources but still, we are unable to save our dying daughter.

Please Donate & Help me SAVE my only Daughter!

Click on this link to see a short video of the family's struggle


How to conquer your anger?
will you be able to conquer it or it will dispel everyone around you.

unclear thoughts will always lead to a devastating end or give you an undesired outcome.

Muslim education percentage is very low as compared to their population. Muslims were used as a vote bank and as a peace of mercy. 

I believe it was a conscious effort of the ruling party to keep Muslims away from the education so that they can be used as a vote bank and the Result is in front of every one.

I saw my friend from asking a question to us.  Why Muslims were not given such opportunities to improve their education during Congress Raj?

I would like to tell them that if other parties have used Muslims as  a Vote Bank why Not you stand out and really do good for Muslims so that Muslims become a good ally. Muslim respects the True leaders wherever they are. 

History testified that if the oppression and torture level increases, Almighty lord will take revenge from them. It may be in the form of a disease, like a Pandemic or sometimes an act of God is also expected in those areas.

Intelligence is the ability to solve the problem and consciousness is the ability to feel things. 

humans have feelings animals have feelings all the creatures in the world have feelings.

Tech guys have developed artificial intelligence to solve the problems however the artificial consciousness is not yet developed. Then how the problems will be solved it is unlikely.

Revelation according to the Holy Quran is not only universal  But also progressive. and it attains perfection in the final revelation- very meaningful.

Jesus PBUH was a national prophet who came on the earth 600 years prior to Prophet Muhammed PBUH.

the Holy Quran from 1st to last only allowed Muslims to fight because they were attacked first.

waging a war against the unbelievers is completely a myth.

Nepotism, Racism, Discrimination, Injustice, etc are the Root Cause of All Evil. Today you see the universe is unhappy, dissatisfied with their Rulers whether it is India, China, Or the USA. You will find this everywhere.

I see that people have started fighting against such Evil Acts in our society But I still feel Discrimination in raising People's voices against unjust and Cruel Acts.

How to Find Your Dream Job in Dubai - UAE.

Dubai is a Capital City of United Arab Emirates, Its a metropolitan city highly populated But it is a Magnet. It is a land of opportunities, land of fulfilling your dreams whether you want to set up your established company here or you want to find Jobs.  People from all over the world come to Dubai to try their Fortune.  

One needs to be very careful when he comes to Dubai as the cost of living is very high compare to India, There are certain laws if you don't adhere to then the consequence of not following proper guidelines will be very high on your pocket. Therefore I thought to guide you about finding a relevant Job for you in Dubai specially if you are from India.

There are many Factors associated when you want to find your dream Job and living in an unknown country However I will put some light on 03 Major Factors to find a Job in Dubai and  they are as follows:
  1.  Visit/Travel Visa, Air Tickets and Passport Eligibility check.
  2.  Strategic Job Hunting Skills.
  3.  Proper Staying and Food Arrangement in Dubai.
I am sharing my experience here because I thought it will be very useful for people, I have visited my brother here various times for fun and for finding a Job seriously here. we will see each one in detail so that you don't have any confusion in your mind while you plan to find a Job in Dubai.

1 - Visit or Travel visa, Air Tickets & Passport Eligibility check.

In order to travel to any country you need to check your Passport if it is valid or not, what do you mean by a valid passport? It means that your passport must be valid for at least six months otherwise visas will not be processed on your Passport Id so before you apply for a visa and spend money check on the passport if it valid or not.

Visa is nothing but an entry pass to the country without proper visa you will not be able to enter. So my Suggestion to you is this approach few travel agents who provide Visa & Ticketing Assistance. speak to at least two - three travel agents and get the best Price. He will ask you to provide a photocopy of your Passport and few copies of your photos. 

You must apply for 90 days visit/travel visa which you can buy in the range of INR 17000 - 21000 Don't make a mistake of taking a 30 days visa as 30 days are not enough to find a Job in your dream organization. Applying for a visa in UAE is a cumbersome job and Employer prefer candidates who have 90 days of visa.

The Indian Immigration department checks for the Return Air tickets while you board the plane in India. This is for your own good,  go for a Return ticket and ensure that you ask your travel agent to do the OK-TO-BOARD to avoid any difficulties at the Airport. The cost of the Return ticket is  INR 24000 minimums. 

 2 - Strategic Job Hunting Skills.

Here comes the most important part and i.e., Hunting the Jobs for yourself. You have to do couple of things before you leave the country so that you can utilize each day in UAE with value.

A - Register your Profile online :- 

First and foremost you need to register your profile on some of the Job portals for example are as follows:


B - Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile:-

Create a Professional profile on LinkedIn so that recruiters and employers can check your details on LinkedIn. I would say, this is one of the most important task to find the right job in Dubai or anywhere.  I would recommend you see some videos on YouTube on how to design your profile professionally on LinkedIn. 

Once your profile is designed professionally you have search for recruitment consultant on LinkedIn and request them to add you to their list, the reason you do this just inform them that you are there and they can consider your profile as well.   That's not all your search for your dream companies and follow them so that you are updated on their move.  Find HR head of the companies, talent acquisition guys in LinkedIn and share your profile.

I would also suggest advertise your profile on Gulf News and Khaleej Times they charge you a nominal fee and your profile will appear as job hunter in the news paper and this is also a very good option to reach to the employer quickly. 

3 - Proper Staying and Food Arrangement in Dubai.

People want to live in peace in UAE that's why they prefer to live in Sharjah. Sharjah is in the center of UAE and it is well connected to other cities as well specifically Dubai.

In Dubai near the metro station if you want just one room with attached bathroom it will cost you a feast AED 2500 or the bed space will cost you anything between AED 700 - 900  based on the facility they provide.

You also have one option if you are interested then you can go to any Pakistani or Bangladeshi restaurant and ask for monthly food for AED 300-450 but food quality is not that good however it is manageable with the Risk of falling sick.

I have also found people who provide home made food to executives who go for work by monthly cash. Some of these folks have their business wherein they provide all  the above services so that people can focus on job hunting only and the rest of the work is taken care off by them. You will have find them their advertise will be published from time to time. You have keep your eyes open when you are outside the house.

I hope I have covered most of the important aspect there are a lot of options but that can be discussed on case to case basis therefore I leave it open if you have any question just post comment and I will be more than happy to answer you. If any one is looking for all these arrangement to be done I can also connect you to you some nice guys who can help you out it these. 

Alright. That's all from my side. Thank you for reading I hope it will help you guys in your journey of finding the relevant jobs in Dubai.

Stay blessed.


Muslims around the world celebrate their 02 major Festivals namely Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha.  

Eid Al- Adha  is the second of the two Islamic holidays celebrated worldwide each year and is known as Bakra (GOAT) Eid in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. You  might have heard Eid Qurban in some countries like IRAN. This festival is also called as The Festival of Sacrifice. 

You might be wondering why it is called as The Festival of Sacrifice?  there is a reason and story behind it. The story of a great Prophet not only Muslims and Arabs believe in him but also Christians and Jews globally.

This story is common between we Muslims/Arabs, Christians and Jews, we all believe in this story. The story of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) Peace and blessing of Almighty be upon him and his Son. 

Let me share this story today with you. Prophet Ibrahim PBUH has gone through many trials in his lifespan but one of the main trials of Prophet Ibrahim PBUH was to face the command of Allah by sacrificing his Son. Prophet Ibrahim PBUH kept having dreams that he was sacrificing his son and he knew that its a command from Allah to sacrifice his son, he told his son as stated in Holy Quran. 

" O Son, I keep dreaming that I am slaughtering you", Son Replied "Father, Do  what you are ordered to do ", Ibrahim PBUH Prepared to submit his will to Allah and prepared to slaughter his Son as an act of faith and obedience to Allah.

Acknowledging that Ibrahim PBUH was willing to sacrifice what is dear to him, Allah honored both Ibrahim and his Son PBUT. Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) Called Ibrahim PBUH, " O Ibrahim, you have fullfiled the revelations", and Ram (Sheep) from heaven was offered by Angel Jibreel. 


The purpose of Qurbani or Sacrifice in Eid Al-Adha is not about shedding blood for Allah. It is about sacrificing the devotee love the most to show your devotion to Allah.  It is also obligatory to share the meat of the sacrificed animal in three equivalent parts. 

1- for the Family,
2- for Relatives & Friends,
3- for the Poor People.

It has a clear message of devotion, Kindness and equality. It is not that the meat and blood that will reach to Allah. But what reaches is the devotion of the devotee.

Allah is greatest, Allah is greatest
There is no god but Allah,
Allah is greates, Allah is greatest,
and to Allah goes all Praise.